An Unforgettable Father's Day at Huntlee District Park


Fathers Day 2023

The Huntlee community came together in full force to celebrate a memorable Father's Day event at Huntlee District Park.

Huntlee District Park once again played host to an unforgettable Fathers Day event that brought together families and the Huntlee community in a day filled with joy and shared experiences. The event was a true testament to the spirit of togetherness that defines Huntlee, offering a delightful array of activities and treats that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

One of the standout features of the event was the diverse selection of food trucks that lined the park, each offering a unique culinary experience. From the sizzling flavors of Pampa Flame Brazilian BBQ to the delectable delights of Cherry Hwy Gelato & Treats, attendees were treated to an enticing variety of options that catered to all tastes and preferences. 

For the younger members of the community, Fathers Day arts and crafts provided an opportunity for creativity and bonding. Kids were able to immerse themselves in a world of imagination and expression, crafting heartfelt gifts and artistic creations to honor their beloved fathers. These creative moments fostered a sense of connection and joy as families worked side by side, creating memories that would be cherished for years to come.

A highlight that brought smiles to the faces of fathers and children alike was the chance to capture a special moment together through professional photography. Between 4pm and 6pm, families had the opportunity to step in front of the lens and create lasting memories with a free professional photo session. These snapshots of love and laughter were a beautiful way to encapsulate the essence of the day and the bond shared between fathers and their children.

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