Huntlee's National Tree Planting Day


On Sunday the 30th of July, Huntlee embraced the spirit of National Tree Planting Day with an inspiring event to restore and revitalize the Riparian Corridor along Ferry Parade. A gathering of approximately 40 dedicated volunteers, including members from Huntlee Academy, came together to make a profound impact on the local environment, improving the natural habitat and food for the native Black Cockatoo.

Our united efforts saw the strategic planting of 250 native trees, shrubs, and grasses along the riverbank. Each sapling found its place in the soil, laying the groundwork for a vibrant ecosystem that promises to enhance biodiversity and provide a haven for local wildlife.

The dynamic support from our enthusiastic volunteers, including the passionate members of Huntlee Academy, infused the event with energy and purpose. Their dedication to community welfare and environmental conservation shone through as they planted, nurtured, and cared for each seedling. Together, we forged stronger connections with nature and with each other, inspiring a sense of collective responsibility for our environment.

Following an enriching morning of planting, our volunteers gathered to enjoy a well-deserved BBQ sausage sizzle lunch. The air was filled with the enticing aroma of delicious food, as laughter and conversations flowed freely. 

Heartfelt thanks to Altogether Group for their generous support during the event, providing drinking water and watering cans to our volunteers. Their contribution exemplifies the strength of partnerships between organizations and community groups in fostering positive change.


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