Building at Huntlee
Building at Huntlee

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All the plans and documents you'll need when building at Huntlee
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Huntlee, sensibly sustainable and designed for modern life

Trust LWP

You can trust us to do it well. LWP is an industry leader in the design and creation of large-scale, fully master-planned communities.  We've won a host of national and international awards for our community-building initiatives.

Sensibly sustainable

We bring sustainability into our communities right from the beginning. Each village is laid out to allow as many homes as possible to take advantage of a passive solar aspect. 

Helpful Design Guidelines

Our design guidelines encourage new homeowners to adopt sustainable practices and ensure each house fits well with its neighbours and with the surrounding natural environment.

 Need some further advice on building or our design guidelines? Our building coordinator is in office Monday and Wednesday between 9am and 4pm.

What's happening on the ground

Construction Update

  • Stage 6 (Lots 601- 608) – Now registered
  • Stage 14 (1401-1417) - Construction underway, due to register September 2019.
  • Seniors living site: Now under construction, more information to follow.


Development Control Plan

Huntlee Lot Type Map



  1. Manually scroll to Huntlee locality.


  1. Click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the map.



  1. Select the checkbox for Huntlee Lot Type Plan



Design Guidelines - Current

Building in Katherine's Landing - Extra useful information

Bushfire prone land

Bush Fire Prone Land


Katherine's Landing is the first village within Huntlee and has been designated a Bush fire prone area.


A bush fire report / certificate may be required when seeking regulatory approval and the type of bush fire report is dependent on the regulatory approval process chosen by your builder.

Regulatory approval processes;-

  • Complying Development requires a Certified (BPAD Accredited) BAL Certificate (Method 1 only) up to and including BAL 29.
  • Development Application / Construction certificate may utilise a consultant Or complete a self-assessment (NSW Rural Fire Service Bush fire assessment Method 2)


Please ensure you provide your Builder or bush fire consultant with a copy of the detailed disclosure plans relevant to your lot and it is also recommended that they contact the office on 02 4938 3910 to discuss site specifics such as temporary APZ’s managed by LWP which may assist in reducing the BAL rating on your property.


It is also noted that Certified Reports prepared by BPAD (Bushfire Planning & Design) Accredited Consultants may avoid referrals to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) in some instances and/or a different BAL rating being adopted by Cessnock City Council. LWP can assist with recommending a BPAD Accredited Consultant that has detailed knowledge of the Huntlee Project, please contact the office on 02 4938 3910.

NSW Rural Fire Service Bushfire Assessment

Development Control Plans - Archived

Disclaimer; please note

Please always refer to the covenants and design guidelines in the land sales contract as they will take precedence over any other documentation. 

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