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All the plans and documents you'll need when building at Huntlee
Get inspiration at Huntlee, Hunter Valley, NSW

Huntlee, sensibly sustainable and designed for modern life

Trust LWP

You can trust us to do it well. LWP is an industry leader in the design and creation of large-scale, fully master-planned communities.  We've won a host of national and international awards for our community-building initiatives.

Sensibly sustainable

We bring sustainability into our communities right from the beginning. Each village is laid out to allow as many homes as possible to take advantage of a passive solar aspect. 

Helpful Design Guidelines

Our design guidelines encourage new homeowners to adopt sustainable practices and ensure each house fits well with its neighbours and with the surrounding natural environment.

 Need some further advice on building or our design guidelines? Our building coordinator is in office Monday 9-5 and Thursday 9-4.


Development Control Plan

Huntlee Lot Type Map



  1. Manually scroll to Huntlee locality.


  1. Click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the map.



  1. Select the checkbox for Huntlee Lot Type Plan



Design Guidelines - Current

Building in Katherine's Landing - Extra useful information

NSW Rural Fire Service Bushfire Assessment

Development Control Plans - Archived

Design Guidelines - Archived